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About Us

Evolution Dog Training Center is owned and operated by Luther Evans.

Mr. Evans has over 63 years experience in the field of canine training and animal behaviour, from military to law enforcement to private operation, specializing in advance canine training.

Through our Evolution Dog Training Center, our staff can customize a narcotic, explosive, or a multi-purpose detection canine to meet all your needs.

Evolution Dog Training Center is a California POST Evaluator and a Drug Beat Certifying Agent, and a boardmember of the International Explosive Detection Dogs Association and California Narcotics Canine Association member. We provide training and certification for Assistance Service Dogs, Hearing Dogs, Therapy and AKC Good Citzen.

We have a simple policy and philosophy here at Evolution Dog Training Center. We take care of our customers. If you have a problem, call us and we will work with you to solve it as quickly and fairly as possible.

Luther can certify your K-9 on:
K-9 Narcotic Detection
K-9 Bomb Detection
K-9 Man Tracking